The new frontiers of modern implantology

Thanks to the latest generation dental implants, finding a smile is easier

The edentulism, the total or partial lack of dental elements, can represent a serious aesthetic and psychological discomfort for the patient who is affected. Fortunately, in recent years, the great achievements in the dental field have significantly reduced the appearance of caries and periodontal lesions, giving greater longevity to natural teeth. “At the same time, the number of post-extraction immediate loading interventions has increased significantly, to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding patient who is eager to receive a dental implant rehabilitation that is as functional, esthetic and fast as possible” asserts Dr. Giuseppe D’Autilia, known odontologist of Naples.

Dott. D’Autilia, what are the latest innovations in the field of immediate loading implantology?

Practiced as early as the ’50s, today this technique is widely used because it allows to minimize the inconvenience for the patient. This aesthetic and functional rehabilitation, which must be preceded by a careful and scrupulous clinical evaluation, offers numerous advantages compared to the traditional one: it preserves the integrity of existing gingival tissues, prevents bone resorption, reduces edema, post-operative pain and therefore rehabilitation times.

Is it a safe technique?

Absolutely yes! The implants on the market today, which are integrated in the same way as those traditionally loaded, guarantee excellent primary stability and a surgical success approaching 100%.

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