The novelties of dentistry


Dr. Francesca Pedoto, Odontologist of Rome and AIO (Italian Association of Dentists) councilor, illustrates the latest frontiers in this area

Technological innovation is radically changing the face of modern dentistry: computerized procedures, latest-generation materials and increasingly accurate diagnostic tools open the way to a series of previously unimaginable performances, thanks to which patients can obtain results really extraordinary. To illustrate the latest frontiers of dentistry is Francesca Pedoto, Dentistry of Rome and AIO counselor. “Among the most innovative technologies is computerized dental anesthesia. In just 60 seconds, under computerized control, it is possible to administer a very small amount of anesthetic in a simple and painless way, preserving the surrounding soft tissues. Digital radiology, compared to the traditional analogical technique, is a simplified procedure that allows the immediate visualization of the patient’s dental anatomy, with undeniable advantages also in terms of speed of execution and data storage. Thanks to the CAD CAM technology, it is possible to realize, with extreme precision and in a short time, fixed prostheses with “metal free” materials. The fields of application of laser devices in the dental field are very varied and range from surgery (minimally invasive, less painful and more precise) to periodontology and dental bleaching. Finally, thanks to functional education, it is possible to intercept the muscular disharmony of the skull in the child, and then modify the growth rate of the facial mass, avoiding in many cases the landing of orthodontics “.

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By Roberta Imbimbo