The right to protection of personal data between opportunities and obligations


We talk about it with Stefano Posti, Projit’s data protection manager, a consulting and training company that assists important organizations in projects to adapt to the new legal provisions regarding privacy.

The personal data constitute the real digital value of modern services and products, and the GDPR, the General Regulation for data protection, has been fully applicable for the entire European Union for 6 months.

Dott. Posti, what changes with the new Privacy legislation?

The main objective of the new legislation is on the one hand to guarantee citizens greater transparency and greater control of their personal data, on the other hand empowering bodies and companies to implement organizational and technical measures to ensure free and secure circulation of data personal and keep up with new digital economy models. Surely we can say that a general obligation, for all, is the greater awareness.

What sets you apart from your competitors?

At Projit we strongly believe in the honest and substantial approach; We always advise potential customers to inform themselves using the information material on the website of the Privacy Guarantor, which has been carrying out an exceptional awareness-raising work for some time. It is necessary to understand that these are not mere bureaucratic requirements. We provide both consultancy and training on the subject, as well as the external DPO service, with a multidisciplinary team composed of jurists, management technicians, IT security experts; surely the fact of dealing with the matter since 2005, and of delivering for years an analogous service from external RSPP for Health and safety at work, helps us in calibrating the services so as to manage with flexibility the needs and the economic commitments client organizations, implementing effective and above all substantial solutions.

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