In the last few years the surgery of visual defects (myopia, astigmatism, hypermetropia and presbyopia) has recorded extraordinary progress in terms of precision, and above all of safety. The most modern methods are now more and more adapted to the needs of the individual patient, his age and the conditions to be treated. The TOPLASER method is born to be the maximum of the personalization of this surgery. To illustrate the advantages of this path is its creator, dr. Marco Di Chiaro, known Oculist Surgeon, who receives in Perugia, Rome, Milan, Pisa and Verona.

Dr. Di Chiaro, laser technology has existed for at least 20 years, but today?

Even in this medical branch the natural technological evolution has allowed us to have an incredible development. We can get unimaginable results until some time ago. To date, the standard is to operate a patient at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, and see him come back the next morning to the inspection visit with more than 10/10 of sight, and glasses forgotten in the drawer. All in absolute tranquility. The Toplaser method, which I conceived and filed as a trademark at the Ministry of Economic Development, aims to totally increase the safety and the results of this surgery, exploiting the characteristics and the correct use of all the most modern lasers currently on the market. It is the concept of maximum personalization: we use the most suitable instrument and software for every single patient, who will therefore have the certainty of being operated in the safest way for him. A real tailored suit instead of a warehouse dress.

Year 2017. From Italy abroad …

Exactly. The results we obtain with these protocols push us beyond Italian borders. The next objective will be to export the method and brand abroad, in clinics and medical centers in England, Spain and France. All this, always thinking about patient safety, first of all.

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