VMS’S Group and Lenovo, experience and innovation at customer service


VMS’S Group, a solid and dynamic company founded in 1994 by a group of young information technology professionals, has relied since 2017 on the experience of the computer company Lenovo – one of the world’s leading PC manufacturers with customers in over 160 countries world – with the aim of broadening your horizons and increasing your growth rate. A strong and strategic partnership, for long-term success, which has enabled the Ciampino (RM) company to launch a highly innovative device in a niche market: the MOBILE OFFICE. A product designed in a perfect way to meet the real needs of those who use technology to create progress. Believing that innovation is the best way to stand out from the competition and create business opportunities in new markets, the company wanted to focus on a highly avant-garde product, the result of experience gained in more than twenty years of production, for further thicken its customer base. “Unity is strength and allows you to achieve results that cannot be achieved on their own”, states Stefano D ‘Alessandro, general manager of VMS’S Group, in a positive way, commenting positively on the partnership with Lenovo.

Dr. D’Alessandro, what is MOBILE OFFICE?

Light and elegant, with attention to the smallest details and equipped with all the functions necessary to guarantee efficient performance, MOBILE OFFICE is an innovative mobile office – particularly useful in vital sectors such as sales and assistance, logistics, public safety, inspection activity – which allows you to acquire documents, print, issue receipts or reports in total autonomy, outside of your office or home. A case, made with materials of absolute value, houses a high quality Epson Ink jet printer, a Brother color front and back scanner and a Lenovo tablet or notebook (all devices are equipped with rechargeable batteries and WI-FI ).

What are your strengths compared to the competition?

Very high quality of the product offered and maximum satisfaction of our customers: in one word, our strength lies in originality! MOBILE OFFICE, with a simple and linear design, is in fact the only device for ultra-light “in the field” performance; a very important quality for an easy and effortless use.

For more info: www.vmsgroup.it info@vmsgroup.it