When a child cannot be conceived naturally


The dott. Leonardo Rinaldi, Head of the One Day Medical Center in Rome, has a long experience in the field of medically assisted procreation.

Dr. Rinaldi, an increasing number of couples cannot conceive a child naturally and decides to resort to heterologous fertilization, a process that is not always easy but that today, thanks to the goals achieved in this field, offers greater chances of success than in the past?

Absolutely yes. A careful preliminary study of the genetic compatibility between the male partner and the donor further reduces the risks of an intervention whose success rates are high: nowadays 50% of women become pregnant from the first attempt of heterologous fertilization. The donation of oocytes, once again possible in Italy thanks to the ruling 162/2014 of the Constitutional Court, thus makes possible the miracle of life in women who would otherwise be destined not to have children.

One Day Medical Center is an important reference point for many infertile couples. What are its strengths?

High standards of assistance and greater success rates are certainly the main reasons that push many couples to turn to our experience. But not only. A multidisciplinary and highly specialized medical / biological team, a technologically advanced laboratory, a precious partnership with the best Spanish egg cell bank, a scrupulous selection of donors and the search for customized solutions make the Center an important point of reference at the national level, able to provide couples desiring to have a child comprehensive medical, human and psychological assistance.

More information (www.fertilizzazioneinvitro.it) (leo.rinaldi@tiscali.it)

By Roberta Imbimbo