The importance of the figure of the expert in case of road accident


Experience, professionalism, timeliness and availability the peculiarities required of a good expert

The kinematic reconstruction of a car accident is an extremely complex process whose purpose is to be able to trace the actual dynamics with which the accident developed, identifying at the same time the responsibilities of the people involved in it. The search for the causes that led to a traffic accident involves studies and research that are often complex and complex. Hence the need to address highly qualified and competent figures, able to correctly interpret the quantity and quality of information found at the site of the accident. “The importance of contacting technical consultants with proven professional experience is maximum, given the introduction in our penal system of the crime of road murder and serious and very serious road injuries, provided for by law No. 41 of March 23, 2016”, he asserts with Marcello Pirone emphasis, in partnership with the Gespra Srl of Naples, a company that for about thirty years has been dealing with the management of the claim from its embryonic stages.

Dr. Pirone, why is it important today to contact an expert in the event of a road accident?

It is extremely important to turn to a person capable of managing the claim to 360 degrees and to offer the necessary timeliness to avoid the pollution of the evidence, protecting his clients against the strong powers (which do not always have the right competence to evaluate the findings of an accident). It is therefore necessary to rely on a technical expert who is able to examine and process the elements available, and if necessary, to obtain further specific information, which cannot be immediately deduced from those elements, but which can only be reached through their analysis and overall processing. Moreover, if the scientific findings are entrusted to incompetent people, the result of the expert opinion can be seriously compromised and the persons involved risk seeing their position regarding the attribution of civil and criminal liability connected to the cause of the accident “prejudiced” same.

What are its strengths compared to competitors?

Surely the thirty-year experience gained in the sector, the total availability to customers to guarantee them that timeliness of intervention necessary to minimize the possibility of error due to the dispersion of information following the numerous passages “from hand to hand” to which the evidence is often submitted and the support of a company behind it, Gespra Srl, which thanks to the latest generation tools and highly qualified personnel is able to offer a reconstruction of the accident and its causes as faithful as possible.

You have recently launched a truly innovative app on the market. What is it?

Of a software for Android and iOS whose purpose is to offer a prompt action to our customers, providing them with valuable information on the behavior to be adopted immediately in case of road accidents.

You are also very active in the social field: how not to mention your awareness campaign on road safety, which sees mainly young people as the main recipients.

The goal of my commitment in schools is to spread, especially among adolescents, the culture of safety on the road and legality, aiming at the prevention of road accidents related to risky behavior. Given the high misuse of mobile phones and tablets while driving, it is important to highlight the importance of compliance with the rules of the Highway Code, promoting a cultural change that is truly radical and thus aiming to respect one’s own life and life others.

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