Ars Medica: excellence at the service of the patient


A model consolidated over time based on the synergy between technology and professionalism, organization and specialization

Ars Medica is a clinic of excellence in the national healthcare scene: from 1964 to the top of the specialized diagnostics sector, it immediately distinguished itself for the high quality, reliability and completeness of the services offered. In over fifty years of life, the multi-specialized structure of Rome has invested heavily in technological innovation, becoming one of the most virtuous centres in Italy, thanks to the modernity of diagnostic equipment and the high skills of a high-level medical staff, always ready to assist the patient in all phases of the therapeutic process. A perfect combination between technology and professionalism, thanks to which this all-Italian excellence has been able to focus on the promotion and management of increasingly high-complexity services, making the centrality of the person its founding value. To illustrate in detail the peculiarities of Ars Medica, is the dr. Athos Gentile, Health Director of the Clinic.

Dr. Gentile, what are the strengths of the structure?

Surely the experience and our teams, made up of university professors, hospital primaries and specialists from various branches of medicine who daily put their know-how at the service of the patient with scientific rigor, dedication and humanity. More. Over the years, the Clinic has equipped itself with the most modern and sophisticated diagnostic and therapy devices, such as the Da Vinci robot for minimally invasive prostate interventions or as the latest generation resonance or direct digital “Senograph Essencial GS”, able to make a thorough diagnosis of breast cancer. The result of these investments is a highly professional operating structure, able to offer a complete range of services: a fast and efficient service in every phase of the therapeutic path, from prevention to diagnosis to surgical and rehabilitative treatment. The speed of diagnosis, which is very important above all in the field of oncology, is our added value in patient service.

Another of your strong points is the “Trauma Center”. What is it?

A fully equipped and ready-to-use emergency department that operates 24 hours a day, with the presence of in-house doctors and the equipment of a highly avant-garde structure. Finally, Ars Medica’s experience will shortly be born Ars BioMedica, another excellence oriented to preventive medicine, regenerative and rehabilitative, destined to become another important point of reference in healthcare in Rome.

For more info – phone  +39 06 362081


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