Brentareno Srl



Profound knowledge of the market, great competence and reliability in the creation of highly innovative devices and perfect combination of technology and functionality: these are the distinctive features of Brentareno Srl, – a streamlined and dynamic company based in Asolo, in the province of Treviso – which after having affirmed its leadership in the industrial laundry sector, for about five years has decided to expand its core business, specializing in sanitation. Marzio Klos, Commercial Director of the company, tells us about the commitment of this Group in the design and development of Ecozono, a highly innovative equipment capable of quickly, economically and effectively sanitizing any material, thus managing to guarantee the hygienic safety necessary to reduce contamination by viruses and bacteria. A prerogative of no small importance at the time of the Coronavirus.

by Roberta Imbimbo

Dr. Klos, can you tell us the story of this successful entrepreneurial reality?

Brentareno is a story of family, passion and tradition: it was 1978 when Mariangela Albrizio and Simone Klos began their climb in the world of industrial laundry, with the aim of reaching increasingly ambitious goals. But it is only with the advent of the second generation that the decisive turning point arrives: a few months after the tragic death of my mother Mariangela, which took place on January 28, 1998, I decide to follow in her footsteps. In 1999 I first started my full-time sales career: the market is growing rapidly and the results are not long in coming. In 2000, after years of intense work, I finally managed to found a leading company in the sector of design and production of machinery in the laundry sector, and in the construction and assistance of systems for self-service laundries, laundries and industrial ironing rooms, for hotels, Communities and Bodies, both public and private. Thanks to my many years of experience, in a short time Brentareno Srl knows an exponential growth, which allows it to conquer important market niches (to date there are more than 3,500 customers worldwide) and to increase its credibility both nationally and international.

With the aim of broadening your horizons, in 2015 you designed and produced an extremely innovative sanitizing booth. Can you tell us about it?

Thanks to the adoption of the latest generation technologies and huge investments made to develop research in the sector, Brentareno Srl has designed and produced Ecozono, a sanitizing cabin entirely Made in Italy, able to quickly and effectively remove bad odors and sanitize any material, eliminating mold, bacteria, mites and viruses. It is an extremely advanced, completely hermetic machine, created to meet the sanitation needs of all those realities that, especially in light of the recent Coronavirus pandemic, must necessarily guarantee their customers high hygiene standards, such as hotels and restaurants ( Ho.Re.Ca), nursing homes, hospitals, gyms, traditional and self-service laundries. As its name suggests, Ecozono is a device that exploits ozone, a natural gas composed of trivalent oxygen (O3), one of the most effective agents for sanitizing environments and fabrics (even those that cannot be washed or dry nor in water). To make this molecule particularly useful in sanitizing interventions is its oxidizing power thanks to which it is able to degrade polluting and bacterial elements in a completely natural and ecological way (after use, in fact, the ozone does not leave residual chemical traces and is converted in pure oxygen). Moreover, being heavier than air, this natural gas is able to penetrate perfectly into the fibers of the fabrics and those objects that are difficult to wash such as masks (the optional MASK sanitizes over 20 thousand a day), mattresses, cushions, rugs, carpets, impossible to thoroughly sanitize with a classic traditional wash, however meticulous and accurate it is. Ecozono, however, is not only a cabin that can be used for sanitizing: it is, in fact, an innovative appliance that can also act against odors, removing them completely from any fabric.

Launching this new device has proved to be a winning and visionary strategy, in light of recent events. How is the market reacting today?

Thanks to the very high and absolutely certified efficacy of its machinery, even before the outbreak of the pandemic from Covid-19, Brentareno had become an important reference point not only at national but also international level, managing to increase the exports of prop