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Dr. Valerio Ramieri explains when orthognathic interventions are needed and what advantages they offer to the patient

Orthognathic surgery is the branch of maxillofacial surgery that allows the correction of a wide spectrum of deformities or anomalies of the facial skeleton. Dr. Valerio Ramieri, Specialist in Maxillofacial Surgery and University Researcher at Sapienza University of Rome.

Dr. Ramieri, for which patients is orthognathic surgery necessary?

People who can potentially benefit from this surgery are those suffering from maxillo-mandibular malformations, or from pathologies characterized by excess or deficiency in the growth of the mandible or upper jaw and the lack of proportion between the upper and lower dental arches. Such alterations may result in the impairment of important functions such as chewing, breathing and phonation as well as psychological problems related to the aesthetic appearance of the face.

What advantages does this type of surgery offer the patient?

Modern surgical techniques, and in particular the use of the piezoelectric, ensure extreme surgical precision in respect of neighbouring soft tissues, greater safety, less trauma, better post-operative course and faster recovery times. This surgery is associated with orthodontics, performed before and / or after surgery. The Surgery First therapeutic procedure, compared to the traditional one, significantly reduces the total time of orthodontic treatment, just 12 months.

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By Roberta Imbimbo