Cul De Sac, the oldest wine-bar in Rome


Concetto Saffioti, one of the owners and founders, tells the story of the first wine-bar in Rome

Present in Rome since 1977, for over 40 years, the Enoteca Cul De Sac stands out for an encyclopedic wine proposal, which has allowed it to become over time an important point of reference for lovers, connoisseurs and beginners who love good wine and of the typical dishes of the Roman, Calabrian and ethnic tradition. Strategically located in Piazza Pasquino, in front of one of the “talking” statues of Rome, the wine shop – which was the first wine bar in the capital – still remains an original and welcoming place – with furniture that recalls the wooden wagons of the 1960s trains – where you can find a wide and reasoned selection of wines and spirits. Precious labels coming from everywhere, both from the main production areas and from the less known or emerging ones; sophisticated bottles, the result of limited production, able to satisfy all the wishes and curiosities of their customers.

Saffioti concept, what are the strengths of your wine shop?

The reasons for the success of our enoteca-trattoria are varied and are to be found both in the professionalism of the service offered and in the meticulousness with which fine wines are chosen and offered, which represent an important part of the history of Italian, European and world wine culture. A careful and scrupulous selection, which allowed the wine shop to gather over the years the best wine productions not only of the great historical and renowned wineries, but also of small producers of excellent quality. The bottles opened every month are 2200, about 25 thousand a year. The labels available are 1500 but, with the annual turnover, we arrive at a choice of about 2700 wines. The large and impressive wine list, rigorously articulated in the various regions of origin, provides some important information on the main characteristics of this precious nectar of the gods, praised over the centuries by poets, writers and artists (area of ​​production, blends and main organoleptic characteristics.

And what about the gastronomic specialties offered?

Our gastronomic specialties – the result of a selection of raw materials and a craftsmanship attentive to the harmony of the combinations – betray the multiethnic origin of the 4 partners (French, Egyptian, Armenian and Italian). Leafing through the menu, the typical dishes such as the “Topik” (chickpea and potato bundle with raisins and pine nuts), the Babaghannush (eggplant puree with sesame) and the dishes of the traditional Roman cuisine, such as the Involtini and the Roman Tripe, the Coda alla vaccinara and the Meatballs in wine. Flavors, scents and colors that characterize a cuisine made of passion that can delight even the most demanding palates.

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