It is boom for assisted fertilization


In recent years, couples who use MAP to have a child have increased. Dr. Galliano, director of the only IVI center in Italy, is present in Rome


According to the most updated data of the National Registry of Medically Assisted Reproduction, in 2015 over 74 thousand couples resorted to assisted fertilization, compared to 69 thousand in 2010. This shows an increase in the number of people who in recent years have turned to the MAP for crown the desire to have a child. The Valencian Infertility Institute (IVI) is the largest assisted reproduction group in the world, with over 70 clinics in 13 countries, and is also present in Rome since 2015. Dr. Daniela Galliano is the Director of the IVI Center in Italy.

Dr. Galliano, why do more couples turn to assisted fertilization?

Infertility is a growing phenomenon, involving around 15% of couples today. Surely one of the most important factors concerns the advanced age of the search for the first child, but also incorrect habits such as the use of drugs, smoking and alcohol abuse affect fertility. Factors such as excessive thinness, obesity, sexual infections and diseases such as endometriosis can also cause an impossibility to conceive a child naturally.

What can be done if a possible infertility is suspected?

In IVI, a specialized team analyzes the case of each patient in a personalized manner. It is important to carry out an analysis of the clinical history of both members of the couple, to understand where the problem of infertility comes from. Following the evaluation of the results of specific examinations, the same specialist will advise the most appropriate treatment to follow.

What are the MAP treatments you can undergo?

At IVI centres all the medically assisted reproductive treatments available are currently available: artificial insemination, oocyte vitrification, in vitro fertilization both homologous and heterologous with conventional technique and ICSI, availing also of the most advanced technology such as Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis ( DGP), EmbryoScope®, MAC, Nace and Nace Plus. In Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (DGP) IVI was a pioneer. This technique consists in diagnosing genetic and chromosomal diseases in the embryo stage, therefore before implanting in the maternal uterus, thus avoiding that the unborn is affected by genetic diseases that can be diagnosed. Thanks to all this, 9 out of 10 couples who have turned to IVI for infertility problems have reached their goal. In addition, IVI has recently launched the new IVI Baby program, a concept that was created with the aim of offering patients the peace and security of seeing their baby born. With IVI Baby, if pregnancy does not end with the birth of a child, IVI will proceed to return the amount spent.

by Roberta Imbimbo – Tel.800 088 247