Following the outbreak of the Coronavirus emergency, air filtration systems are becoming increasingly important to protect public health and consequently improve the quality of work environments.

Engineer Michele Ramaglia, shareholder of Adiramef S.r.l. – a Campana company highly specialized in the technical assistance of electromedical, electrical and electronic equipment in the healthcare, industrial, and services sectors, as well as in the design, construction and maintenance of latest generation technological systems and in the design and construction of medical devices – has recently designed an air treatment device called (CD 19-23) capable of destroying Covid-19 and any other pathogen. L’Adiramef S.r.l. after carrying out careful studies with its designers, to treat air of air conditioning systems already in operation, not being able to use additional traditional mechanical filters (ULPA / HEPA) that would drastically reduce the efficiency of the systems themselves, he designed and implemented a system trap filtering, non-mechanical, along the current of the air flow, to destroy all pathogens.

by Roberta Imbimbo

Ing. Ramaglia, can you tell us about this new filtering device called CD 19-23?

Following the request of one of our customers, of national importance, for the plant redevelopment of premises to be used for intensive care for the construction of a COVID ward, I asked myself the problem of how to treat the quality of the air expelled from an environment contaminated. Once I found the solution, I shared it with the client with whom I investigated the issue together with virologists and colleagues from the Istituto Superiore di Sanità.

To destroy the Coronavirus and any other type of pathogen, without modifying the existing systems in hospitals, and more generally in all air treatment systems for strictly controlled contamination environments, it was necessary to study and design a treatment system specific without mechanical filters (type ULPA / HEPA) on the expulsion of the air, so that the latter could introduce clean and uncontaminated air into the atmosphere.

Most hospitals, on the other hand, have a ventilation system that filters the air only during the intake phase. In my opinion, the problem that has arisen in many hospitals in Lombardy, the region in which the highest number of infections have occurred since Covid-19, is essentially attributable to the following important factors:

probably and almost certainly due to inadequate air changes in ICU environments;
probably due to the lack of negative pressure filter areas that prevent the escape of contaminated air outside the environments where there are patients;
systems probably not with all primary air, but with recirculation;
air recovery systems from contaminated environments, which emit air into a free atmosphere, and many times in technical areas on the terraces of buildings, adjacent to the recovery of other air treatment systems for other departments, causing a cascade contamination, throughout the structure hospital (wards, corridors, lobbies, halls, but also external areas such as pedestrian walkways inside the structures and underground parking) served by the aeraulic systems themselves;
lack or misuse of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment);
poor maintenance of the aeraulic systems;
promiscuous intensive care units;
clean and dirty paths not well separated;
promiscuous first aid acceptances.
Our design work was born, therefore, from the need to respond to the requests of those hospital realities that wanted to modify their systems, making them decidedly safer.

Therefore we avoided the use of mechanical filters that would have resulted in large pressure drops.

A series of traps has been created for the treatment of air flow without mechanical obstacles, capable of adequately treating the expelled air, thus destroying all the pathogens contained therein.

Specifically, what does this set of traps consist of?

The CD 19–23 system (name attributed in patent application No. 202020000001318) is divided into three sections (Trap A, UV-C Filter; Trap B, Electrostatic Filter and Trap C, Thermal Filter which can range from 40 to 100 degrees centigrade): the cascade use of these traps – correctly correlated to the flow rate and flow rate – by acting on DNA, RNA, SPIN and Thermolability, allows the molecular destruction of the Virus. These traps hit the fluid (air) with strong doses of UV-C light, massive electrostatic fields and lethal doses of heat. To certify the richies