Tiberius when catering becomes an experience to be lived with all the senses


Fusion cuisine attentive to tradition and local products in an eclectic and exclusive location

At the foot of Mount Vesuvius, next to the excavations of Pompeii, Tiberius is a temple dedicated to food and events 10,000 square meters between indoor and outdoor environments, an organic vegetable garden and a vineyard overlooking the archaeological excavations. Ceremonies, workshops, cooking classes: every event finds its dimension in this dynamic and versatile structure.

In So Zen, the oriental living room, we met the owner Pasquale Nina

Pasquale what is the secret of Tiberius’ success?

Our structure, active since 1967, was born from the passion for the cuisine of my father Vittorio, and still today it boasts a family management but with an international scope. My wife and I personally follow all the activities. In outdoor spaces such as the Giardino dei Sensi, our autochthonous vineyard, innovative proposals such as Chic-nic, luxury lobster and champagne based picnic and tasting of typical products under the vineyard take place. The Salotto dei Misteri and Fior di Cotone are, instead, the two interior rooms, each with its own magical atmosphere.

Let’s talk about the typicality of your kitchen.

The mastery of chef Vincenzo Lombardo offers Mediterranean dishes with a touch of fusion, great attention to local tradition and local products. From a recent collaboration with the restaurant Il Principe, 1 Michelin star for 15 years, IL CONVIVIUM was born, the recovery of ancient Pompeii recipes. With Graziano Notarnicola, a promise of Italian pastry, we finally inaugurated Mademoiselle Charlotte in Cava de ’Tirreni, a line of high quality French cakes and desserts, a blaze of pleasure for all the senses!

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